I draw inspiration from watching the nature in various light and seasonal phenomena. The seasonal, temporal, and phenomenal changes are observed much as I used to do growing up in Korea watching the rice fields in the rural communities. The landscapes expressed in my paintings represent no specific place in the real world. My imagined landscape paintings harmonize my past memories of rice fields and present moments of the prairie with changing seasons and light.

In the past six to seven years, I have taken Minnesota prairie landscape and waters as an inspiration for my paintings. These expressions in my paintings connect me closely to the earth, sky, and water in Minnesota. I love winter prairies covered with snow, tall grasses moving and whistling in the summer wind, icy dark lakes reflecting the chilled moonlight, the richness of autumn leaves and grasses with brilliant colors, and sassy spring greens celebrating new life. I have abundant beauty around me, and I have been exploring many aspects of these phenomena in my artwork.